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Paltoane | Custom Made Consiglieri

Coats | Custom Made

Any outfit with extra personality stands out by wearing a coat. The exclusive π‘ͺπ’–π’”π’•π’π’Ž 𝑴𝒂𝒅𝒆 service offers the experience of a personalized cut, with attention to details and unique patterns.

The Royal Light Grey OvercoatThe Royal Light Grey Overcoat
The Royal Light Grey Overcoat Sale price5.500 lei
The Royal Navy Blue OvercoatThe Royal Navy Blue Overcoat
The Royal Navy Blue Overcoat Sale price5.700 lei
The Distinguished Gentleman OvercoatThe Distinguished Gentleman Overcoat
Palton St Moritz ConsiglieriPalton St Moritz Consiglieri
Palton St Moritz Sale price4.250 lei
Palton Aspen ConsiglieriPalton Aspen Consiglieri
Palton Aspen Sale price4.250 lei
Palton Cambridge ConsiglieriPalton Cambridge Consiglieri
Palton Cambridge Sale price3.380 lei
Palton Meribel ConsiglieriPalton Meribel Consiglieri
Palton Meribel Sale price5.700 lei
Palton Zermatt ConsiglieriPalton Zermatt Consiglieri
Palton Zermatt Sale price4.250 lei
Palton Davos ConsiglieriPalton Davos Consiglieri
Palton Davos Sale price5.700 lei
Palton San Cassiano ConsiglieriPalton San Cassiano Consiglieri
Palton San Cassiano Sale price4.250 lei
Palton Val d'Isere ConsiglieriPalton Val d'Isere Consiglieri
Palton Val d'Isere Sale price5.700 lei
Palton Notting Hill ConsiglieriPalton Notting Hill Consiglieri
Palton Notting Hill Sale price3.380 lei
Palton Mayfair ConsiglieriPalton Mayfair Consiglieri
Palton Mayfair Sale price3.990 lei
Palton Verona ConsiglieriPalton Verona Consiglieri
Palton Verona Sale price3.900 lei
Palton Cannes ConsiglieriPalton Cannes Consiglieri
Palton Cannes Sale price3.990 lei
Palton Florence ConsiglieriPalton Florence Consiglieri
Palton Florence Sale price3.990 lei
Palton Soho ConsiglieriPalton Soho Consiglieri
Palton Soho Sale price4.250 lei
Palton Harrods ConsiglieriPalton Harrods Consiglieri
Palton Harrods Sale price4.250 lei
Peacot Zurich ConsiglieriPeacot Zurich Consiglieri
Peacot Zurich Sale price3.900 lei
Palton Milano ConsiglieriPalton Milano Consiglieri
Palton Milano Sale price4.250 lei
Palton Brescia ConsiglieriPalton Brescia Consiglieri
Palton Brescia Sale price4.250 lei
Palton Astoria ConsiglieriPalton Astoria Consiglieri
Palton Astoria Sale price4.250 lei
Palton Chelsea ConsiglieriPalton Chelsea Consiglieri
Palton Chelsea Sale price4.250 lei